Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Emily de Molly - Dark Forces

Woo! Emily de Molly! As an early Aussie supporter of Emily de Molly polishes, I've been thrilled to see Hayley's creations skyrocket to international fame over the past few months. The development of the brand has really been something to see - the complexity of the polishes, the ever-improving formulas, the adventurous colour combinations, not to mention the new range of linear holographics!


Dark Forces is a black jelly filled with large silver holographic circles, small and medium silver holographic hexes, and small iridescent glitters. I used two coats over black, but the base is opaque enough for it to be built up in two or three coats on its own, which would give it an even greater depth. I layered it over black as I wasn't sure how sheer it would be - next time I'm definitely wearing it on its own!


Application was fantastic -  I was painting my nails in dim lighting whilst lying on my bed (usually a recipe for streaky polish and messy cuticles) and it came out almost perfect! A miracle, considering I'm nowhere near the world's best manicurist. I used one thick coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat (I'm getting near the end of my bottle so it's thickened up somewhat) and the end result was much more glossy than it looks in these photos  - I put hand cream on not long before taking these pictures and it left some residue on my nails.

I didn't have any trouble getting the large circles out and onto the brush, but I did stand my bottle upside down for a couple of minutes before application. I had to place a few of the large circles where I wanted them, as they were reluctant to come off the brush straight away, but most were very well-behaved. If your nails are quite curved like mine, you might want to avoid placing the large circles right in the centre of the nail, as they wont sit flush with the curve of the nail but will remain flat with their edges poking out slightly. I mainly had this problem on my pinky nails, but with a thick coat of topcoat it was hardly noticeable.


I took some photos inside with flash to show how wonderfully holographic the glitters are - the sunlight pictures don't really do them justice. The blurry picture gives a better idea of the beautiful holographic flashes that happen as the glitters catch the light. I found myself moving my fingers around to see the pretty rainbows (weirdo!) and the iridescent glitters also add to this effect.

Close up! Love those large circles!
So, what do you guys think? Perhaps not the most original polish to ever strike the indie world but I absolutely love it! Black, silver, holographic - it's a classic and a statement all at once! 

You can buy Emily de Molly polishes via etsy, bigcartel or Femme Fatale if you live in Australia, otherwise check out the list of international distributors here.



  1. gorgeous!! This is on my ISO list along with falling skies and oceanic forces, but sadly they are hard to come by in the US. Love the pictures!

    1. Thank you!! My first ever comment :D
      I know, you'd think that nail polish was a threat to national security the way it's treated by the post office :/